outline (see also topics...)

The material to be covered may change a bit depending on class interest but the MAJOR TOPICS are as follows:

  1. Basic principles of evolution, overview of Evolutionary Computation
  2. Introduction to Genetic Algorithms (GA)
  3. GA theory, schema theorem, selection, fitness normalization, GA design principles,
    extensions of GA
  4. GA applications: Traveling Salesman, Job Shop Scheduling, etc.
  5. Coevolutionary (antagonistic and mutualist) GAs
  6. Genetic Programming (GP), schema theorem for GP
  7. Automatically Defined Functions, Subroutine Generalization, Program Architecture Evolution
  8. GP applications: symbolic regression, real-time GP for robot control, examples of
    'human-competitive' GP applications
  9. Anticipatory Classifier Systems, reinforcement learning, Evolution Strategies
  10. Overview of ALife, DNA and molecular computing
  11. Swarm intelligence, ant optimization algorithms
  12. Examples of and design principles for self-organizing systems


     I'll occasionally recommend readings during class.

Course notes will be posted on this site after each lecture.

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