some presentation and project topics

multi-obj GA

evolution strategies

optimization, scheduling, satisfiability .... approximate solutions to NP complete problems

immune system algorithms (and applications in computer security)

co-evolutionary GA

evolving cellular automata rules

evolving neural net architectures

sexual selection in GA

anticipatory classifier systems, reinforcement learning

GA in data mining

evolution of cooperation

evolving cooperative agents (e.g. robocup, ant food collection etc)

adaptive autonomous agents

self-organization in biological systems and self-organizing algorithms

self-organization to criticality

L-Systems and GA, GP

hierarchical GP

ant optimization systems (for telecommunication e.g.)

embryogeny in EC

incorporating regulatory genes in GA

emergent computing examples

'bottom-up' social simulations

the Tierra system

computer viruses as alife 

the Avida alife system

the role of GA in alife

membrane computing

evolutionary approaches to music and painting ....

etc etc etc

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